remember when glam sang abt lgbt relationships
remember when evol wrote…everything…..
when brown eyed girls wrote everything
when gi wrote ‘beatles’
when oneket choreographs everything
when she won dstyle
when tiny g’s mint b-boyed all over ya faves
when zinni did the same
soyou’s abs
when krystal did the high jumps
when jia cheered and performed amazing stunts on television
when aoa’s choa sings
when lime raps
when gp basic came back harder than ever (fyi they did BTS better than BTS themselves…and they’ve been around forever)
when nine muses does…everything
when girl groups perform in heels and uncomfortable clothing

when girl groups do everything and get no praise

"all girl groups are the same" lmao

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Close Up Taewoon from The Seeya’s Be With You MV

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Jaehyo is a gift

naughty pyokyung ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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[JAEHYO] Zico said “enjoy your flight” in our group chat He looked cute and pretty so I’m posting it